It Digitalizes your Transportation and Logistic Operations. It is key to successful transport software implementation –

User Friendly

This TMS system is simple, effective, easy to manage, and very user friendly. It is designed to behave like a person –

  • See its Dynamic Dashboard
  • Easy to implement
  • No need to remember party name, company name, automated features.
  • Provision to search by name, company wise, code-wise.
  • Visual Indication
  • Pop-up list of all selections & multi-selections.
  • Operated with keyboard, mouse, and touch screen.
  • Operated without having accounting knowledge or having higher skills.

Online Web-based

With web-based technology, you can access your transport management software from anywhere and your data get secure with you on the cloud –

  • Can manage Multi-branch Options.
  • Branch wise user management and branch wise accounting option.
  • Online Trip Maintenance and Diesel Expense Entry
  • Online Full Load/Part Load Entry Option
  • Auto Account Effect in Every Option
  • Expense Entry Per Trip Wise


These reports help in assessing the everyday exercises in your business. In light of the information got, you can make different choices including your business. At the point when you can utilize a Transport Management Software with revealing and investigation you can see the impact of your decisions inside that transportation software. This is important data, permitting you to build your client bliss by ensuring the client generally approves of accepting their item. Presently that is expanded client assistance!

AdrosTMS allows you to search over various reports which shows your day-to-day working results –

  • Service Tax Report
  • Daily Branch Report
  • Delivery Challan Report
  • Expense Report
  • Loading & Unloading Vehicle Report
  • Daily/Monthly Truckwise Trip Report
  • Bilty Book Report ( Consignor Wise Report, Consignee Wise Report, Truck No. Wise Report, Station Wise Report, Bilty Bill not prepared Report )
  • Invoice / Bill Report ( GST/Non-GST Billing Report, Party Wise Billing Report, Party Wise Out-standing Report )
  • Financial Accounting Report – GR ( Pending, Received, Received but not billed, Billed )

Rate Master

With this transport management system, by using the rate master module you can add your route rate party-wise like which party/company‘s prices are set for a particular location or fix for some distance. You can easily justify and calculate kilometers rates with your software and work without reminding anything.

Customize as per Requirement

Unique to standard transport management software, cloud-based transport management software can be customized to tailor-fit your organization according to the necessities. The transportation arrangement:

  • Can be scaled to encourage business extension.
  • Plans and manage data successfully for ideal use.
  • Incorporates various branches in a single application.
  • Satisfies in-house transportation and calculated administration needs.
  • Auto-creates solicitations against every delivery and rearranges estimations.

Powerful Dashboard

AdrosTMS transport management system is very economical and has a dynamic dashboard that shows complete details in just one look. The dashboard contains several bilty, number of bills, total billed amount, pending amount and every day needs you can see here. Our dashboard is designed to help you to combine every data source and find them in correlation when necessary.

User Rights / Access

Nobody handles user access in a way that is better than AdrosTMS. We designed a client authorizations interface with security, straightforwardness, and responsibility as a top priority. Never stress what users access, and what they should or shouldn’t do until kingdom come. Dissimilar to another transport management software, our transport software doesn’t permit you to erase a client once included. Rather, you can stamp a client “inactive,” along these lines removing their entrance while keeping up a precise history for exploration, following, or future examining purposes. Include clients in seconds alongside a photograph of that client, on the off chance that you might want. Have a client that has been advanced or moved? Forget about it! Changing a representative’s job, their area of expertise, or their entrance level is simpler and quicker than including them. Secret word resets should be possible rapidly and inside any principles or conventions your organization has set up. Make any client “Inert” with a basic snap. With User Permissions by this logistic software, every one of your clients or users will just observe what you need them to see. This is a component that comes directly out of the case. Our transport software has this degree of user access and we do not charge unreasonable hourly expenses to modify these choices.


Manage your bills easily with this bill management software –

  • Single Bill can be workable for multiple services. 
  • The system will bring the new rate from the rate master for the and to update the booking choice actualized. 
  • Charging party checking control actualized. 
  • The system checks the booking mode at the hour of charging. 
  • Charging feasible for incompletely loads or parcels of the Booking. 
  • Bill Printing 
  • Auto Shortage charging concurring

Instant SMS & Email

This is your transport and logistics software that uses SMS and Email service for everything from mobile alerts to appointment reminders and delivery status notifications message and email integration to update clients with important information. When implemented correctly, SMS and Email solution for logistics organizations can lift customer support service standards, and improve communication on the move.

Configuration Management

Configuration features in this TMS system have stationery books, branch management, financial year management, manage stations, user management, and more for your daily management solution and support for transporter or broker. It is a significantly improved and viable management solution for every transportation company. Our transport management system is the only solution that is according to your compatibility.

AdrosTMS gives a top-level client experience, upgrades client assistance levels in light of the improved permeability, speed, and automation that gets through the transport software arrangement stage. In a period where clients are requesting to an ever-increasing extent, while organizations are requesting lower operational costs, utilizing a dashboard to pinpoint a shipment, access a particular conveyance time, or offer up an option are important assistance devices when used proactively.”