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AdrosTMS – Transport Management Software is innovative automation for the transport business. It is an ideal cloud-based software integrated for transportation firms. We are the main suppliers of web and cloud-based transport management systems in India.

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Welcome To AdrosTMS

This transport software is an incredible cloud-based online system that smoothed out work processes. This software is developed by keeping in mind to serve your transport and people requirements. And our team has successfully shown the vision of this chase in a positive way to the people. Along with the expertise work, we put our boundless knowledge. It is the ideal answer to stop confusion at your calculation and eliminates all barriers that may control activities and manage your transport business very effectively.

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Some of the best features

Transport Management Software is a multi-user platform. It can manage your business management very well, even in just a few clicks.


Invoice Generation

All the difficult calculations are done automatically to generate an invoice and then forward it to the management of your account. Bill is generated in two ways - Digital format and stationery format, you can send it via email or WhatsApp and also can hand over the bill.

Multiple Users & Branches

For the individuals who have their organizations spread over several districts or branches, it is important to screen and control the choices of branches consistently with multiple users as well. Transport software helps in dealing with the information and cash generated in all branches.

Truck Management

TMS software helps in checking your vehicles in a transport management system. It can likewise give reports related to improving the utilization of vehicles which is a very difficult task. You can manage important information of truck-like maintenance, repairing, EMIs, and other details which is difficult to handle manually.

Trip Wise Expense Entry

Calculate costs brought about in a complete trip including driver returns. Check advance cash and expenses incurred and allocated to bookkeeping records. Figure days spent to finish a full trip and contrast them with profit generated to get per day income. This transport software has all the features for a hassle-free process.

Lots of More Features

These features of transport software are so easy and effective that you do not require any special skill or excellence to run your transport business.

Create multiple Bilty or GR which cross multiple runs/allocations. The bill will also be made separately or individually and will be made together. It is an important document for sender transporter and goods receiver.

If you are using this transport software in multiple branches, then you can manage their branch detail and accounts according to branch wise management system. Each branch can be maintained by its own identity.

Working in every business is different and unique and this transport software is according to transport business requirements. If one should want to add some other points as per their business need. So it can be customized as per requirement.

In this manage station master feature, you can manage all the list of stations that are fixed from where your goods are gone to deliver. This transport system helps to keep adding more stations in it, like if delivery is to be done at a new place, city, or state, then you can also add them.


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